Roof Care Maintenance

What is Roof Care Roofing Maintenance?

Roof Care Roofing Maintenance refers to the regular upkeep and inspection of a building’s roof to ensure that it remains in good condition and can continue to function properly. This type of maintenance can involve tasks such as cleaning the roof, repairing any damage or leaks, inspecting for signs of wear or deterioration, and taking preventative measures to protect the roof from future damage.

Roof Fix has created the ultimate monitoring protection plan that will give you peace of mind against surprise roof repairs.

  • Annual 27-Point Inspection: Roof monitoring consist of us coming out once a year to inspect the roof.
  • Roof Care Proprietary Cleaning: Roof care will also include one eco-friendly low-volume roof cleaning that will keep your roof looking new and includes gutter cleaning.
  • Roof Care Protection: Roof protection will cover any acts of God that require insurance coverage. We will ensure the homeowner gets covered properly. Policy protection will pay up to $1500.00 that could be used towards homeowner’s deductible, lowering their out-of-pocket expense. The roof will be first in line to get repaired or replaced.
  • Roof Care Value: Never break the bank on costly roof repairs. A low monthly membership payment of 49.00 per month and a one-time fee of 289.00 will give you complete peace of mind and first-response storm protection.
  • Roof Care Warranty: Roof Care will maintain the roof for up to five years making sure your roof is in tip-top condition including leak protection at no additional cost to the homeowner.

Free roof repair, free storm damage, 24-hour emergency response, leak protection with free interior repair, Eco safe low volume roof clean and maintenance to always keep your roof in tip-top condition and you will never have to come out of pocket for a roof again. Roof manufacturing recommends once a year inspection.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Shingle roofs – $49.00 per month
  • Metal roofs – $79.00 per month
  • Tile roofs – $99.00 per month
  • Roofs larger than 50 sq ft are $1.50 per sq foot
  • Includes $3,000.00 policy protection that allows the customer to use that money towards the deductible.


Roof Fix is the number one rated roofing company when it comes to re-roofing a new roof. We specialize in residential and commercial roofs. We are a local contractor that is able to offer your lifetime warranty on all shingle roofs with no out-of-pocket expense. Roof Fix has the largest metal roof selection in all of South Texas.

We are also a Duro-last master elite contractor when it comes to installing commercial roof applications that we could also back up with a 20-year warranty on labor material without any out-of-pocket expense to the property owners.


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