Solar Batteries

Solar Energy Storage

Solar batteries, or solar panel battery banks, are generally known for their use in off-grid situations where electricity is actively drawn from the battery every time electricity is used. However, residential homes connected to the grid can also reap many benefits from installing a battery bank from Storz.

Achieve true power independence when you pair your rooftop storage system with a Storz battery

How the Battery Works

Solar battery banks are quite simple. In off-grid situations, they store all of the electricity generated by the panels until use. In the more likely scenario for homeowners, a battery bank in your home is used to store excess energy when the solar panels are generating more electricity than is being used. Without the battery, excess energy is sent onto the grid as a credit, but with the battery, electricity is only sent to the grid once the bank is full.

When the solar system isn’t generating energy, whether that be because of weather conditions, time of day, or a power outage, homeowners can pull energy from the battery bank. Battery banks come in many different sizes and configurations to fit your unique energy needs.

Home Solar Battery Benefits

While installing a battery bank isn’t necessary for on-grid homes, many homeowners see it as a worthy investment with many benefits, including:

  • Greater energy independence
  • Security during power outages
  • Control of energy usage during peak times

The most sought-after advantage of battery banks is energy independence, especially during power outages. Solar systems that are only connected to an inverter can’t supply electricity during power outages, but battery banks can. Depending on the size, battery banks can also supply a day or two of electricity without the grid.

A Quality Solar Battery Installation Company

Roof Fix recognizes the high demand for battery banks in addition to solar systems. That’s why we supply our clients with the best in battery bank technology. For our customers who want a battery bank installed, we offer a variety of options, including the Tesla Powerwall. This premier battery bank allows you to draw power even during outages, increasing your peace of mind and providing an extra level of independence. Powerwall owners can even monitor and control their energy usage through their smartphones.
For more information about our battery bank services or to schedule an appointment with the Roof Fix pros.



Which is the best solar battery?

Roof Fix offers the very best solar batteries for your home. Call us for a consultation on solar so we can assess the best Storz solar battery system for you. Each home is unique so make sure to get your custom assessment. This will make the battery cost estimate more accurate.

What is the average cost of a solar battery installed?

Solar battery systems can range from $3,000 – $10,000+

How long do solar batteries last at Roof Fix

Solar batteries from Storz have an industry-leading 20-year warranty! This is much better than other solar manufacturers.



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