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Seabrook Solar System Installers

If you’re ready to lower energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and become energy independent, it’s never been easier to start saving with solar power. Today, advanced solar technology allows any home to be fitted with a quality solar panel system at an affordable price. When you’re ready for solar installation, Roof Fix is here to help.

Roof Fix can save you 60% off labor when you combine both roof & solar systems

How Solar Works

Home solar systems soak up energy from the sun for clean, renewable energy. First, your solar panels capture energy from the sun as direct current, which is then sent down to the system’s inverter. The inverter converts the direct current into the electricity we use to power our home, alternating current.

Don’t worry about not having enough energy! Solar systems are connected to the grid as well, and a net energy meter will track home much electricity your solar system generates and how much electricity you use from the grid to supplement it. If you generate more energy than you use, the electricity will be sent backward into the grid, and you’ll receive a credit to be used when your system isn’t generating as much energy.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Renewable energy is environmentally friendly, a well-known advantage of investing in solar energy.

  • Save money on energy bills
  • Reduce energy dependence
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Combat rising energy costs
  • Invest in clean, renewable energy

Many homeowners wonder whether solar energy is worth the initial cost of investment, but home solar systems start saving money from the moment they’re installed.

How To Plan For A Solar Panel Installation?

  1. Properly research & investigate your home’s current energy efficiency rating.
  2. Calculate your home’s solar potential
  3. Research all solar installation products
  4. Research solar companies in Seabrook
  5. Estimate solar electricity needs in Seabrook
  6. Obtain bids from reputable solar contractors
  7. Understand available solar financing offers & incentives
  8. Plan with your solar installation company and utility company to set up the install

A Trusted Home Solar Panel Installation Company

Even though solar energy has never been more affordable and convenient, it’s still a big investment. That’s why you need a company of experts to install your solar system without damaging your home. Roof Fix is NABCEP certified and the only roofing contractor registered with CPS, providing South Texas residents with quality solar installation. Our pros understand your home’s roof as much as they do your new solar system, so you can be confident in our installation process.

If you have questions about solar system installation or are ready to invest, contact Roof Fix today and begin a service request.

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