Seabrook Solar Panel Repair

Repairing Solar Panels

Luckily, solar panels are very durable, lasting 25-30 years if properly maintained. However, solar panels aren’t the only part of your solar system. Although repairing and replacing solar components doesn’t happen frequently, you need a fast, quality repair team to get your system up and running again as fast as possible. If you suspect a problem with your solar system, call the experts at Roof Fix.

Wear and Tear

Because solar panels are so durable, they don’t often need repair. Their tempered glass face is strong enough to withstand debris and they virtually take care of themselves most of the time, but solar systems produce less electricity as they age. Even without damage, solar panels inevitably go through a process called degradation, losing about 1% of their abilities each year. By year 10, most solar panels will operate at 90% efficiency even without damage or dirt affecting them.

Severe weather, including hail and debris-carrying wind, can also cause damage to solar panels, leaving large cracks in the tempered glass face. Additionally, debris can cause micro scratches that reduce a solar panel’s efficiency over time by preventing sunlight from shining directly onto the cells. If a solar panel is visibly damaged even from the ground, it needs to be replaced to restore the system’s efficiency. Other parts of the system that may need repair or replacement include but are not limited to:

  1. The inverter
  2. Battery banks
  3. Mounting racks
  4. Power meter

Roof Fix Home Solar System Repair

Roof Fix is proud to provide quality solar repairs to Seabrook residents, even if we didn’t install their systems. If you’re worried that recent roof work, animals or weather conditions have moved or damaged your solar panels, the Roof Fix pros can happily take a look at them and assess any possible damage. If you suspect problems with other components of the system, like the inverter, we can take care of that as well.

Roof Fix is a licensed solar panel repair company that specializes in installing and repairing solar panels for homeowners in the South Texas area. We recognize that every minute your solar system isn’t working at its best is a minute your home is spending money on electricity, which is why we are committed to fast, quality repair services.

To begin your service request or learn more about our repair services, contact Roof Fix today.

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