Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance Service

Luckily, solar panels are very durable, lasting 25-30 years if properly maintained. However, solar panels aren’t the only part of your solar system. Although repairing and replacing solar components doesn’t happen frequently, you need a fast, quality repair team to get your system up and running again as fast as possible. If you suspect a problem with your solar system, call the experts at Roof Fix.

  • We maintain all solar equipment annually
  • Complete solar diagnostics
  • Expert Solar Panel Repair
  • Yearly Inspections

Solar panels take care of themselves and only need periodic cleaning throughout the year.

4 Steps to Solar Panel Maintenance

  • Wash off accumulated dust 2-4 tines per year
  • Yearly inspections
  • Integrate solar panel monitoring system
  • Look out for severe storms
  • Call Roof Fix if solar panels are not working properly
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Which Other Parts of a Solar System Need Maintained?

Severe weather, including hail and debris-carrying wind, can also cause damage to solar panels, leaving large cracks in the tempered glass face. Additionally, debris can cause micro scratches that reduce a solar panel’s efficiency over time by preventing sunlight from shining directly onto the cells. If a solar panel is visibly damaged even from the ground, it needs to be replaced to restore the system’s efficiency. Other parts of the system that may need repair or replacement include but are not limited to:

  • The inverter
  • Battery banks
  • Mounting racks
  • Power meter

How do micro cracks effect solar panels?

Each solar panel on your house is made of tiny silicon cells that are all connected together. This extremely thin wafer material made for the cells is flexible and strong, but it is prone to cracking from severe stress, especially if not installed properly.

  1. Microcracks can expand & contract w/ weather
  2. Water penetration can cause solar cells to fail
  3. Degrade ability to store energy on the panel
  4. Cracked panels will not absorb light efficiently

Choose a Solar Panel Cleaning Company

Although many home DIYers love to tackle simple maintenance tasks, just as many homeowners prefer to leave the job to professionals to avoid costly mishaps. That’s why, in addition to installation and repairs, Roof Fix offers solar panel cleaning services as well.

When you choose Roof Fix, we make sure your solar panels are spotless before we leave, working at maximum energy efficiency. We know how important it is to maintain your solar panels without damaging the system or the home around it. Because your Roof Fix services come from the roofing experts at Roof Fix, you can rest easy knowing that our team won’t damage your roof when we clean your solar panels.

Whether you need a solar installation company or a team of professionals to take care of your home solar system, call on the Roof Fix pros. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

Solar panel cleaning and testing

Removal of all bird droppings and dust

Make sure your solar panels are spotless

Solar System Inspection

While solar panel installation usually goes smoothly, there can be a lot of red tape surrounding it as well. Because residential solar systems must be connected to the grid, inspections and permits are required to ensure safe solar installation. Roof Fix is the only roofing company / Houston solar installer with a licensed electrician on staff certified with CPS Energy. Since Roof Fix can connect to the grid, we offer a warranty that covers both ROOF & SOLAR systems together. No more finger pointing between roofing and solar companies. You can hold us accountable for both.

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An Experienced Solar Installation Company

We are a licensed electrical contractor, Registered with CPS, and NABCEP certified.

An Experienced Solar Installation Company

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Repair

  1. Solar Panels – clean dirt, dust, debris, bird droppings off panels
  2. The Inverter – check for proper functionality
  3. Mounting Racks – make sure they are secure and stable
  4. Power Meter – cross-check to make sure the meter is accurate

Solar panels are relatively easy to clean and repair. Using water to remove dirt is essential to the performance of the panel. Yearly inspections also ensure a properly working solar panel.

If the solar roofing contractor uses inferior products to GAF then yes, you may be prone to microcracking. Check the warranties of the solar contractor first before deciding.

Roof Fix has an industry-leading warranty for both roof and solar. No limit lifetime transferrable warranties.

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